Bee​-​forus: Seatbelt Safebee

by unofficialmspafans



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Track Name: Damara's Bees (Fatalism Beemix)
Track Name: In Love (With Safety)
Hey there, hello mister safety bot
Is that a belt that you have strapped on?
You're teaching Cronus how to buckle up
But afterward I'll unfasten you

Unlike other robots, you're concerned
for our safety, and that's attractive
Though what's safety without some danger
If you'd like, then I'll unfasten you

You make my motor run, keep it on
I could be the belt to your buckle
You make my horn go -beep beep-, do it again,
I could be the belt to your buckle
Track Name: Bee Safe
Up where they buzz, up where they swarm,
Up where they buckle up their seatbelts
Just wait and see, some day I'll be
One with the beeeeeeees
Track Name: Safe Drive at Midnight (Fuchsia Moonrise Beep Mix)
Safe Drive at Midnight (Fushia Moonrise Beep Mix) by Circlejourney feat Circlejourney

Track art by Lovisa Lassen