♍ - Let Me Dance, Let Me Glisten

from by The Homestuck Fan Musicians



Beats blastin in the club,
Let me dance, let me listen.
everyone one is hella drunk
drink like it's a competition

you wanna learn these moves?
You just want the best views
Look at how i glow
let the light mystify you

Let me dance, Let me glisten! x2

have you gotten a good look
the Musics getting to the hook
pour to me another glass
I want this whole night to last


I can see it in your eyes
I've got you hypnotized
keep telling me your lies
I enjoy how you hard try
You can look, but never touch
cause he night doesn't hold your luck
watch my hips swing
make me into your fantasy



from Beforus, released April 12, 2016
♍ - Let Me Dance, Let Me Glisten by Flutterwhat (James Fischer)

Art by VT Stark


tags: experimental




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