Madam Firefly

from by The Homestuck Fan Musicians



Madam Firefly,
Blinking in the sky,
Swim through the stars to find your place,
You're wandering through endless space.

Tricky little bug,
Tend to your mother grub,
Don't worry 'bout the pink and blue,
'cause green is all you ever knew,

Until the blood was dripping teal and bronze and gold.
You took the mantle from your ancestors of old.
And though the changes were like chains upon your heart,
You cut them loose and tried your best to change your part.

Madam Firefly,
Dead eyes don't gleam so bright.
Look o'er the bubbles' pulsing glow,
You've many friends dispersed below.

White glimmer fades to grey,
You're stronger every day.
Provoked, you have a sharp tongue
And wit for one who died so young.

Madam Firefly,
Blinking in the sky,
Your ghostly limbs are full of grace,
Enrobed in fabric made of space.


from Beforus, released April 12, 2016
Madam Firefly by violasarecool

Art by magnoliajades


tags: experimental




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