Hello my darling dear
I’ve always been right here
Waiting for you, waiting for you
What’s that, my darling dear?
Suddenly I can’t hear you
Cat got your tongue?

Puppeteer, puppeteer
There’s no need to fear
Puppeteer, puppeteer
You're my love, the one I hold so dear

I’m known to be the one (you're slipping away)
Who’s always good with love (i can't hold on)
I make purrfect matches both red and pale (to you)
There's no room for mistake (we’re falling apart)
I never miscalculate (why won’t you hold)
I could never fail (to me)


So what is this sinister feeling?
Why do you insist on disappearing?
Why do I black out on a whim,
Then wake some place I’ve never been?
Where are you, my darling dear?
Suddenly I can’t hear at all
Cat got your tongue?

Puppeteer, puppeteer
What of you should I fear
Puppeteer, puppeteer
Suddenly nothing is so clear

Lapses in memory as
Your darkness takes hold of me
The screams of damned fall on deaf ears
A bittersweet melody only I can hear
Is this pity or is this love?
Or is my decision one I’m not a part of?
Logic begs for me to get away
But how do I live without you beside me?

Puppeteer, Puppeteer
Now you’re here, I see you crystal clear.

jumbled mess :))

Puppeteer, Puppeteer
I’m paralyzed with fear
Puppeteer, Puppeteer
You’re my love, the one I hold

You’re slipping away, I can’t hold on to you
We’re falling apart, why won’t you hold to me
You’re slipping away, hold on.


from Beforus, released April 12, 2016
Puppeteer by thesketchqueen

Art by Vanessa Auqué


tags: experimental




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